Clinical Coaching

for advanced practitioners

The Platinum Group

Are you ready for hands-on Mentoring and a powerful, supportive Community to bring the best clinical guidance possible to your clients? This exclusive year-long program runs January through December and is designed to support the highest-potential, up-and-coming practitioners in our community. Participants should generally be in their second (Advanced 202) semester or beyond to be eligible for this program.

You will know right away if this is the right program for you. It’s not about the cost hurdle (you can earn back your investment easily with just two new clients!). It’s about hearing that voice inside of you that yearns to start playing a much bigger game. The voice inside that knows you are ready to springboard into your fullest potential with a confident, experienced mentor and warm community by your side.

The Platinum Group allows you to receive personal, customized coaching in helping you to create a wildly successful practice. Together with Tracy and your committed Platinum Group peers, you’ll:

  • Do a much deeper dive into the FM concepts that fascinate you
  • Discuss and get Clarity about interconnectedness in clients' and patients’ symptoms
  • Review a huge amount of lab work and get truly savvy about using it
  • Explore a richer variety of tools and tribal knowledge in the practical application of FM
  • Get the business inspiration you need to hone your practice into one you truly love
  • Flourish in a community - a closer family - who truly wants to rise and fulfill their business dreams. Together.

This is a special, mutual, year-long commitment between you and Tracy to help you rocket your business forward!

Your twelve-month program includes:

  • Dedicated Platinum Mastermind meetings in a small, intimate group, led by Tracy herself. Thirty – yes, 30! - Exclusive Group Sessions throughout the year, where case study and labwork reviews are welcome. Easily navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of your distinguished peers. This alone is worth the tuition fee!
  • A special SAFM Platinum Facebook forum for community interaction and sharing (moderated by Tracy personally).
  • Exclusive access to the Annual SAFM Diamond Coaching Spring Retreat in Asheville, NC. Only Platinum Group participants and SAFM Mentors will have access to register for this intimate, transformative program. The registration fee and cost for accommodations of your choice must be paid separately. You may learn more here (details are subject to change).
  • Free registration for the Practitioner Breakthrough Autumn Retreat, the new, ultimate gathering of the larger SAFM community of students and practitioners (to be held in the New England/New York area). The cost for accommodations of your choice must be paid separately.
  • Multiple special guest speakers throughout the year offering powerful education and guidance on a wide variety of key topics to drive your success as a practitioner (e.g. coaching skills, business development, branding). Hand-chosen by Tracy, these experts will offer practical pearls and customized support.
  • Twelve All-Levels Open Coaching Calls throughout the year to continue developing your skills via case study practice.
  • Continued access to the Wildly Successful Practitioner Forum where SAFM practitioners and students from all levels have the freedom to interact and share ideas with their peers. Tracy and our facilitator/mentors are available to share expertise and stimulate valuable exchanges on key topics.
  • Your appropriate Foundational Semester Courses: Four Foundational Courses for Core 101, Three Foundational Courses for Advanced 202 students, or six Masters Case Studies for Masters 303 semester students. (You may choose to focus on this in the first or second half of the year - or spread it out on whatever timetable most resonates with you.)
  • Your choice of three Deep Dive Clinical Courses. If you have already taken the Masters 303 semester, you will gain access to ALL, current SAFM Deep Dive Clinical Courses (Yes, all! As in 17 of them.)
  • Five Puzzle-Piecing Case Studies during the half of the year you choose to experience your Semester (for students in Core 101, Advanced 202, or Masters 303 semesters)
  • For first or second year students, the Platinum Group also includes one appropriate Certification (AFMC) exam window registration (along with review course).

The Platinum Group fee is conveniently organized into a twelve-payment plan of $575/month for 12 months

(first payment upon registration; then payable monthly beginning in January). Each program begins in January with registrations being confirmed the prior December.

Are you ready for this top-notch coaching experience?

This opportunity is not for everyone. But it is the ideal practice development tool for a select few, distinguished practitioners. You know who you are.
Registration is extremely limited.

The 2018 Platinum program is Sold Out.