A Full Practice with a Waiting List?

The Power of Functional Medicine in Coaching

This session is all about the health coaches!

Veteran functional medicine educator, Tracy Harrison, teaches practitioners to get to the true root causes of each unique client’s dis-ease, dysfunction, and imbalance, so they can find dramatic and sustainable relief. Many expert coaches are missing the clinical know-how to target their work on the most effective lifestyle changes for each unique client. Especially the bold, highly-targeted choices. They are very savvy at how to coach but not as confident about what to target in their coaching to create wildly satisfied clients.

Tracy is especially passionate about the power – in fact, the necessity – of health coaches being part of the team that transforms healthcare – for all!   You can be a wildly successful entrepreneur – or you can be a part of a medical practice.  If you don’t want to be an entrepreneur and are looking to be hired by a physician into a medical team,  she’ll inspire you with some truths on how best to make this happen.  

In this webinar, Tracy will share how the power of functional medicine can help you to build a fully-loaded practice.  (You’ll be surprised!)  She will also introduce five of the most common true root causes of disease in the body (and give you free access to learn much, much more!).  You will get access to some powerful clinical tips that you may start using in your practice right away.

Join us to start right away using the power of functional medicine in your practice to create wildly satisfied clients.  Register below to access this powerful webinar and free, clinical training series.  

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