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LDL: truthfully NOT the “bad” cholesterol (continued)

Last week’s Clinical Tip was a provocative myth-buster for many, so this week, I’m continuing our conversation about LDL pearls.  Next week, we’ll dive into some surprising truths about HDL.  If you missed last week’s LDL feature, please click here to watch.

In today’s video, we take a quick dive into the concept of LDL receptor sensitivity…a great reminder that hormone function in the body depends on many more factors than just the simple levels of hormone in blood.  I also give you a high level introduction to alternative labs for getting at “the devil in the detail” regarding cholesterol and it’s relative contribution (or not) to cardiovascular disease risk.  We cover all these details in depth in our Cardiovascular Myths and Truths Clinical Course, but I want you to be aware of some key pearls.  Did you know that receptor sensitivity plays a critical role on whether or not LDL is pulled out of the blood (thus making labs look more optimal)?  What markers do you focus on the most in a conventional lipid panel?
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