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Our Signature Program of Study – Core 101 Semester

Are you looking to take your practice to the next level and grow exponentially?

The Core 101 Semester is our signature program of study, built to help practitioners achieve dramatically better patient outcomes, which can lead to an influx of patients organically, especially via qualified referrals.  (How does having a perpetual patient wait list for your services sound to you?)

This seven-month semester program is designed to help practitioners take their practice to the next level – and beyond.  It’s meant for dedicated health professionals who want their clients’ experience to go from being a 5 to a 10.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Core 101 Semester at The School of Applied Functional Medicine™.  I am very interested in your perspective.

Thanks very much for joining in the fun and learning! Congratulations to Meaghan Reardon for winning the free seat to our next Core 101 Semester starting in January (a $2,297 value) we gave away after the video. Woohoo!

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –




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120 Questions for “Our Signature Program of Study – Core 101 Semester”

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  1. 99
    Lisa Owens says:

    I have recently completed a certification program with another functional medicine online program. I am very interested in learning from you. Would you recommend I start with the core 101 or is it possible to start an advanced class? I would like to speak to someone about this for myself and my colleague who also just completed the same certification program. Thank you.

    • 99.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Thanks very much for your interest! I will make sure that one our team members reaches out to you as soon as possible. Alas, we do not currently allow students to begin with the Advanced 202 semester because there is so much rich content included in the Core 101 that the follow-on semesters assume a keen understanding of and do not repeat/review. We have tried what you request a few times in the past for similar reasons, and universal feedback was that there is too much content missing (that is covered in the Core 101) to allow a smooth experience with strong, retained working knowledge.

  2. 98
    Magdalena Gallus says:

    It’s really great to hear all that fascinating things. What is most interesting on for me it is connecting between gut health and hormonal and neural functioning and how it can be important in treating chronic diseases.
    I’m medical doctor from Poland, and since I come to States I am not practicing. But! What I want to say is that I am very fascinated by functional medicine and have already tried to use it with my patients in Poland. I would like to increase my knowledge in this topic, and what I can see this is a great opportunity for that, here in USA.
    I dream about starting to practice here. I know it’s a long way but I am already on it! 🙂
    I am hungry for this knowledge and for putting it into practice, for better help for my patients in Poland and future patients here in States because them health is my goal. This is my mission.
    Can you be my opportunities?
    Thank You for that! 😀

  3. 97
    Lee Renee McGinnis says:

    Hi Tracy,

    I am unable to attend this semester due to scheduling issues. When does the next semester start. Unable to find that information on your website.

    Thanks! Lee

    • 97.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Hi Lee – Great, I look forward to supporting you! Our next Semester program is due to begin in early July.

      • Lee Renee McGinnis says:

        Thank you!! That’s wonderful. I will be in that class! 🙂 Please disregard the email I sent with the same question. Best, Lee

  4. 96
    Naami says:

    Hi Tracy!
    This program sounds fantastic! I’ve been seriously searching for a program like this as I myself learned to heal through functional medicine and unfortunately conventional medicine didn’t take my complaints seriously. Additionally, as a registered nurse I see time and time again where a huge percentage of people rely 100% on their doctors and take whatever they say as the one and only answer. I want to help educate my community to be empowered to become an educated consumer in their personal health. I currently see 1-3 clients as a health coach, although I know there is so much more I can be doing for them.

    There is one thing –
    I truly want to be able to connect live with a successful health coach throughout the program as I learn and see my clients to be able to bounce information off from them. I find this approach so much easier and more practical for me than through the computer. I heard there may be an option for that but I do not see it yet on the site.

    Thank you, Tracy, for your enthusiasm and clarity in all your video presentations!

    • 96.1
      SAFM Team says:

      Hi Naami – Part of the Core 101 Semester program includes peer group Huddles where you will have a smaller group of peers with whom to share ideas and insight along the way. One-on-one support coach support if not a default part of the program; it’s a key part of how we keep our costs lower than all of our peer programs. But it is indeed an option for those who specifically want it. We will offer a separate option for students where you can arrange for individual appointments with one of our teaching assistants to have one-on-one discussion. These can cover business, clinical, or educational topics as you wish. You would pay for these separately and schedule them to occur when you need them; they are separate from the Semester program and are only available to registered students. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and passion!

  5. 95
    Karen Altenburg says:

    I am approaching this from the fitness arena of Pilates and Yoga, and know this is a complimentary and important life benefit. I want to know more.

  6. 94
    Susan J Sansom says:

    After watching the FB live feed, I am inspired to bring a new thought process to the way I currently practice. Right now I am doing pain management, family practice and working part time at a spa doing weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. I am often encountering individuals who are looking for an alternative approach to prescribed medications or who would like a more natural route for treatment. I think that doing this semester/program through your school would allow me to be able to give my patients more options to choose from. This way they feel that they really have a choice.

  7. 93
    Claudia says:

    I just watched the FB live and hope I am not too late to enter the drawing… I am super inspired by the statement that the way we hold a session can either be a Placebo or a No-Cebo. I feel I already know a lot, but am indeed not the most effective in getting it across, what is frustrating. This course really talks to me.

  8. 92
    Kris says:

    Thankyou Tracy!
    In terms of what I am most excited about learning and deep diving into is the thryroid & adrenal course, even more about gut health, improving energy and immune wellness and fertility! (Yes-lots of things!)
    What I got the most out of from your fb live was your optimism, passion and long term view of how the functional medicine revolution will be changing the face of healthcare and dramatically improving client health and well being.
    For questions-do you have many students/graduates from Australia? I’d love to find out how they have used it here and been able to navigate scope of practice, associations, insurance, ordering labs etc….
    Thanks again 🙂 <3

  9. 91
    Bernadette Abraham says:

    Hi Tracy – I’m tuning in from Dubai, UAE. Hopefully I haven’t missed the competition entry deadline due to the time difference…

    You hit the nail on the head… I’m a scholar for life indeed!

    I have taken quite a detour to get to this point but a career in functional medicine is now my calling. I graduated as a Computer Engineer in 2002, then earned a Masters in Exercise Science & Health Promotion in 2008, as well as a NASM Personal Trainer certification, and finally certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2016 – all to serve my clients better and help improve their health on a deeper level.

    I have recently considered a Doctor of Naturopathy degree, but having 4 young children, I cannot leave them to pursue higher education at the moment. This is why SAFM really excites me. I feel that it will give me the deeper understanding and knowledge-base that I am seeking.

    I know that your program isn’t accredited yet, but are there any plans to get accreditation from higher learning institutions or functional medicine organizations such as the IFN? I have all of these great certifications but regulatory bodies here don’t recognize them unless they are from higher institutions, which is frustrating and further fuels my desire to earn that Dr title – for the respect and prestige that it provides.

    Would love to hear from you.

  10. 90
    Maria E Trevino says:

    Thanks for such valuable information. I can’t wait to start the semester. I would love to learn how to create protocols and read lab results to give the correct recommendation to my clients.

  11. 89
    Todd Richmond says:

    My partner and I have created a wellness collective in Milwaukee to help nourish and empower people to take charge of their health. One of our specialties is Chi Ne Tsang a type of abdominal bodywork. I was looking for ways to help support our clients though the process of detoxification and increased organ health. The kind of clinical approach and research supported information your program provides is exactly what I’m searching for. Very excited and passionate to learn more about gut health and dis-ease in your program!

  12. 88
    Ekaterina Ptitsyna says:

    The program sounds fantastic! I love mapping, lab work, mind body modules. Here in Russia we just start to know about functional medecine principles, and only few practitioners implement it into practice. It will be honour for me to be part of this community, having such a solid background which your program provides.

  13. 87
    heather says:

    The unique structure and content of this program is so exciting! I’m a health coach focused on hormonal basis of health and disease states and I think the knowledge I could gain in this program (adrenal & thyroid, gut health, diabetes and fertility) could help me to really expand and advance the services I can offer 🙂

  14. 86
    Edyta Konrad says:

    I had prior functional medicine education via IFM but this course allowed me to wrap up and solidify my knowledge. Moreover, the course allowed me to connect with other enthusiastic functional medicine practitioners in my vicinity . Thank you for that.

  15. 85
    Meaghan says:

    As a new registered dietitian hoping to create my own practice, it is so easy to be as overwhelmed as I am inspired by our consistently evolving health care system. I therefore feel so very fortunate to have received an incredible introduction to functional medicine through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and I can’t think of a better way to apply all of my new knowledge than through The School of Applied Functional Medicine. Tracy, you really seem to have created something incredibly unique and special in really strengthening the health system as a whole by giving us providers this “common language” and an amazing support system. It would be an absolute dream to work with different practitioners and really optimize patient care and this sounds like the perfect platform. Just the fact that this program exists truly makes my heart happy and feeling so hopeful and so excited for the future. Thank you!

  16. 84
    Millie Sukkar says:

    I’m ready for the challenge to make measurable improvements in my knowledge, understanding and skills as a FNP. I️
    love and appreciate your moto to educate, inspire and empower. My personal moto is knowledge is power and education is the key. Please help me become the practitioner that i know I can be with your courses. Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Millie Sukkar, MSN, FNP-BC

  17. 83
    Deborah Cahill says:

    What most appealed to me is that you offer so many avenues for learning, reinforcing, and practicing the material that is being learned.

  18. 82
    Christine Borwankar says:

    I loved today’s presentation – as a chemical engineer by education, I share Tracy’s love for data. After a career in the food industry, I am very excited to focus my energy on helping people help themselves heal and also develop a smarter, healthier relationship and understanding of the food they consume. To me, analyzing data fro lab work is like solving a big puzzle! So excited that there is a place like the School of AFM that teaches these valuable tools!

  19. 81
    Bill Meissner says:

    Great Job Tracy. The overview of the program was great. I am still talking to all my friends about the impact of Functional Medicine on my own health, particularly in the hands of a well-trained and knowledgable Health Coach. I meet far too many people who struggle with various health issues and are not enjoying all that life has to offer them. While I don’t have a medical or health coaching background, I’d like to go through the program.
    Congrats on the launch of Knew Health.

    Thanks for your commitment to Good Medicine.

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