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Toxicity Truths – Powerful Functional Medicine Insight

It’s definitely one of the most common, true root causes of disease:  Toxicity.

In today’s modern “better living through chemistry” world, we may be exposed to more toxic threats on a daily basis than early man had to deal with over a year – or even a lifetime.   Toxicity is an important functional medicine concept to master .

Many practitioners default to extremes of perspective in toxicity, either believing that the body is invincible in the face of today’s chemical onslaught or believing that the body is highly vulnerable and in need of acute protection from all chemical exposure.  I believe (as is often the case) that the truth is somewhere in between these extremes. Our unique experience of toxicity as individuals is going to vary dramatically.  Due to our varying genetics, nutrition, health history, and collective toxic exposure (because most toxicity is synergistically harmful!).

Check out the video below to learn some pearls you can implement in your practice right away.  Then please share below what most resonates with you in this video.  I am very interested in your perspective.

Thanks very much for joining in the fun and clinical education!   Congratulations to Meghna Thakkar Joshi who won free tuition for the July SAFM Semester as part of this monthly FB Live video offering.

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –





Toxicity Truths and Fundamentals

Did you miss Tracy LIVE? This was a pearl-packed session on Toxicity Truths and pearls from functional medicine insight. Enjoy! <3

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49 Questions for “Toxicity Truths – Powerful Functional Medicine Insight”

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  1. 48
    Reyana Alwani says:

    Loved this, full of information. I loved understanding how toxins are also formed within us, its not just about toxins from the outside. Thanks for all you do.

  2. 47
    Linda Noel says:

    The things you spoke of with regard to the meaning of lab results and the detective work is EXACTLY what I need to learn to add to my current coaching skills. I so much appreciate that you make these available to non-students. It is so helpful to me to make my decision between the 2 schools that I am considering. I love your style of teaching!

  3. 46
    Theresa kaufman says:

    This has been an amazing series. Such valuable information for myself and clients.
    Many thanks!

  4. 45
    Fran McElwaine says:

    Hi there, thank you so much for the amazing content in the video. I have a client with acute symptoms of adrenal fatigue and clinical hypothyroidism. Is there a reference I can go to to find the best advice on what we should check in her blood work so we can get to the root of her problem. Many thanks! Fran

  5. 44
    Deborah Beaumont says:

    I’m currently on a deep dive of toxins and am amazed how many sources we need to uncover. I agree it’s being missed by most practitioners

  6. 43
    Maria says:

    Go after the low-hanging fruit!

  7. 42
    stefania olivares says:

    Thanks …loved your talk and the way you explain everything so wonderfully . Even though I do not have a medical background I understand and am able to follow . I excpetionally loved your point on toxicity from constipation . I will definitely be applying that to my clients .
    fingers crossed for the draw 🙂

  8. 41
    Lucy Coppes says:

    What I loved about this video is that YOU GET IT. You totally understand that health apocalypse that I about to happen due to the chemicals that we have placed in our environment that have upset the balance. YOU GET how our natural body systems work and how the toxic onslaught has recked havoc with our natural systems. YOU GET IT that as health coaches we have to step up to the plate and do something about it. I am honored to be learning from you and look forward to more of your videos!

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