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Vitamin D Caution You Need to Know


I am so excited to share this Facebook Live and THESE POWERFUL PEARLS with you.  At SAFM we are always revising our content in light of research findings.   Vitamin D, HDL cholesterol, Zinc, Vitamin C… There are many positive substances that savvy practitioners know about and emphasize. But More of a good thing is not Better!  And might be harmful.

Check out this video to get some clinical pearls you can use right away.  You’ll learn:

  • Why high Vitamin D can be dangerous (you will be surprised!)
  • What critical cofactors must be taken along with Vitamin D
  • Why high-dose supplementation may be counter productive
  • Surprising research insights into vitamin D and optimal levels
  • Weekly mega-dose or daily moderate dose: does it matter?
  • Why blood levels may not budge after supplement use

Please add a comment below to share what most resonated with you in this video, I am very interested in what you think.

With warmth, love, and gratitude to you for sharing your gifts with so many –






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170 Questions for “Vitamin D Caution You Need to Know”

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  1. 163
    stefanie Aring says:

    Should breastfed babies get Vit A with their Vit D as well?

  2. 162
    silvia graber says:

    With Hashimoto’s, is it smart to recommend Vit D at all, unless in high doses, as this can possibly exacerbate hot flashes and increase the immune system? I recommended cod liver oil, which has a medium dose of Vit A and D.

  3. 161
    Wendy Pearce says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable information!! The most interesting thing I learned from this video was ramping up Vitamin D levels in those suffering from autoimmune disorders! I am currently working on my DNP and my dissertation was to find the barriers to screening and treatment of vitamin D deficiency in the obese population by primary care providers. The most common barriers I discovered were knowledge of clinical guidelines and cost associated with testing! I’m praying that I graduate in December and functional medicine certification is my next goal!!

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