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Cellular Metabolism: How and Why we Feel Energetic (or Not)

Ah, I’ve waited so long to offer this course!  By far, the #1 complaint we hear from our clients is “low energy”… sluggishness, fatigue, low stamina, achy or weak muscles…just not enough “get up’n’go!”  In this course, you’ll learn (literally) how the body makes energy.  Microscopic mitochondria, the body’s energy factories, require key nutrition to thrive and are inhibited by many specific lifestyle choices.  Learn how the body turns food into fuel and finally understand many dietary fads.  What really makes us tired or sluggish?  What’s the real story behind today’s “muffin top” epidemic (high body fat despite healthy weight)?  What role does blood sugar really play?  And how do the adrenal and thyroid glands play a role?  We’ll apply these concepts in understanding such modern epidemics as  Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  A powerful foundational course for all health coaches!

Course includes: Three 2+ hour webinars, client handouts and diagrams you may download for your own use, participant Q&A boards to learn more “nitty gritty” detail, and the opportunity to raise any questions you have in this area directly with Tracy. Become an expert for your clients!  Join us and review the recordings as often as you wish.

Course duration: 6 weeks (with continued access any time you are experiencing another SAFM program).

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